Group Therapy

group-therapyWhat is a Group Therapy?

Under the direction of the therapist, the group is able to give support, offer alternatives, and comfort members in such a way that their difficulties become resolved and alternative solutions are found.

People can benefit from therapy because it provides them with an environment in which they can share their problems, views and concerns with one another and develop insight into their own situations.

Group therapy can also help patients improve their interpersonal skills and learn different ways to cope with their problems.

  • Special Groups
  • Six-Week-Workshops
  • Parenting Skills
  • Co-dependency
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grief and Loss
  • Children of Divorce
  • Single Parent Experience
  • And other topics


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Couples Therapy

Group Therapy

Online Psychotherapy

All services are offered in English and Spanish.

Fee, is based on sliding scale and set on an individual basis.